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Texas Trailer Registration Change

Token Trailer Plate

Effective December 10, 2010, Texas is no longer issuing updated license plate stickers with token trailer renewals. The registration renewal (RTS) receipt must be carried in the pulling unit or trailer for presentation to law enforcement as proof of valid registration.

Expired stickers may be removed from the plate. Counties in Texas will continue to issue plates that have a space for the sticker until supply is depleted, even though stickers are no long required to be displayed. The newly designed plates will have no space provided for a sticker.

Trailer Plate

This will make it more important for the drivers to check the documentation on the truck or trailer they are pulling to make sure the registration is current, as they will not be able to tell by simply looking at the trailer license plate.

Down the Road – Mike


PHMSA on the Move in Texas

A number of changes have recently been made to the Hazardous Materials Security Plan requirements to clarify and enhance current security requirements, including requirements that apply to who needs a security plan and employee training.

In addition, PHMSA has had a busy month inspecting the hazmat security plans of petroleum distributors in Texas. This might be a good time to review your plan to make sure it covers all of the requirements.

PHMSA has strengthened the in-depth security training requirements to include specific actions and responsibilities of each employee in the event of a security breach (CFR49 Part 172.704). Recurrent training must be done every three years or whenever changes are made to the plan.

For the complete requirements go here. If you need assistance developing or revising a Hazardous Materials Security Plan let me know at or just comment if you have questions.

Down the Road – Mike

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