Is there Anyone That’s Not Distracted?

In my neighborhood I typically drive below the 30 mph speed limit. I do this mainly because I never know when a child, adult, dog, cat, basketball or other object may jump right out in front of my vehicle.

I have also noticed that many people are talking on their cell phones and squeezing in some exercise at the same time, or they may be listening, and singing along, to their MP3 player. I think my favorite is watching dogs taking their humans for a walk, pulling and wagging them sporadically down the road.

It’s not just cars that these pedestrians are ignoring. I have also seen a bicycle vs. pedestrian accident in my neighborhood. Pedestrians in metro areas distracted by cell phone calls and text messages also risk deadly encounters with the transit buses and commuter trains around them.

Some city’s have started awareness campaigns, like Atlanta’s “Stay Focused! Stay Alive!.”

It’s not easy to turn these devices off. People love listening to music on their mp3 players. They want to stay in touch with their friends, their families, their colleagues and clients by texting and talking on their cell phones.

Have you come across this in your neighborhood? Do you think local awareness campaigns are useful for warning distracted people and reducing accidents?

Down the Road – Mike


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