The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said Thursday it was pushing back the start of its new carrier safety monitoring system, CSA 2010, until late this year, with some portions delayed until 2011. I do not think this is a shock to any of us in transportation, but we need to stay vigilant because it will eventually come.

Under the new schedule, while carriers will be able to see the data FMCSA will be using to calculate their relative safety performance on April 12, they will not be able to see where they stand until August.

“FMCSA had originally planned to roll out CSA 2010 beginning in July of 2010,” the agency said a Federal Register notice scheduled to be published Friday.

However, the agency has received valuable feedback and has decided to move the beginning of CSA 2010 rollout from the summer to the fall of 2010.

The new schedule calls for a so-called “data preview” to begin next week and run through Nov. 30, at which time FMCSA will begin issuing warning letters and using CSA 2010 scores to target fleets for compliance reviews and extra roadside enforcement.

Intervention is still on the way. What do you think of the CSA2010? Good for the industry? Will is cost carriers and drivers more?

Down the Road – Mike


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