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UCR Fees Just Shy of Double

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has finally set the 2010 fees for the Unified Carrier Registration UCR program.

The following will be the fees for 2010:

0-2 trucks $76 (old fee $39)
3-5 trucks $227 (old $116)
6-20 trucks $452 (old $231)
21-100 trucks $1,576 (old $806)
101-1,000 trucks $7,511 (old $3,840)
1,001 and above $73,346 (old $37,500)
The fees are based on the number of trucks in the fleet, and trailers do not count.

The fees proposed accounted for “bracket shifting” – motor carriers that move from one category to a lower-paying category because of downsizing etc. That shifting has resulted in a 25 percent loss in revenue in past years.

Be sure to update your MCS-150 before you file the UCR fees.

Motor carriers can begin filing UCR fees on May 3.


What’s up with the 2010 UCR?

If you have tried to renew your Unified Carrier Registration for 2010 you proboably already know that you can’t. Strange as it may sound the Department of Transportation DOT is currently not accepting the 2010 UCR fees that were due in January.

This is already causing some states problems as they depend on these fees to help enforce DOT regulations. The Secretary of Transportation, Mr. LaHood, did not send the new proposed rule increasing the UCR fees to the Office of Management and Budget OMB until March. The OMB could take up to 90 days to review the rule. Some states have been forced to layoff safety enforcement personnel due to lack of funds.

Expect fees to double if the new proposal is approved by OMB. In 2009 we paid $3800, so that is quite a hit if fees double.

Down the Road – Mike


CSA2010 Sneak Preview

FMCSA announced today that the Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA) 2010 Data Preview in now available, which will allow individual motor carriers to review their safety performance data by the CSA 2010 Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs). The Data Preview begins on April 12, 2010 and ends on November 30, 2010, the national launch date for the CSA 2010 safety enforcement program.

During the data preview period, motor carriers are encouraged to closely examine their performance data and immediately address any safety problems. This is also an opportunity for motor carriers to update and verify their safety performance data online.

This important step is designed to focus motor carriers on identifying and addressing unsafe behaviors that can lead to crash risk.

FMCSA has added more stringent security measures for online access. Carrier’s will need to have their DOT number and login PIN to access the previewed data. Click here for details.

Down the Road – Mike



The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said Thursday it was pushing back the start of its new carrier safety monitoring system, CSA 2010, until late this year, with some portions delayed until 2011. I do not think this is a shock to any of us in transportation, but we need to stay vigilant because it will eventually come.

Under the new schedule, while carriers will be able to see the data FMCSA will be using to calculate their relative safety performance on April 12, they will not be able to see where they stand until August.

“FMCSA had originally planned to roll out CSA 2010 beginning in July of 2010,” the agency said a Federal Register notice scheduled to be published Friday.

However, the agency has received valuable feedback and has decided to move the beginning of CSA 2010 rollout from the summer to the fall of 2010.

The new schedule calls for a so-called “data preview” to begin next week and run through Nov. 30, at which time FMCSA will begin issuing warning letters and using CSA 2010 scores to target fleets for compliance reviews and extra roadside enforcement.

Intervention is still on the way. What do you think of the CSA2010? Good for the industry? Will is cost carriers and drivers more?

Down the Road – Mike

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