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DOT UCR Fees Doubled

I am getting ready to take off the last week of the year and wanted to make sure everything was in place to start out 2010 as caught up as possible. So, I found in my yearly planner that our annual Unified Carrier Registration UCR fee is due each January.

I remembered that can be done easily online by updating your MCS-150 on the FMCSA site and then completing the UCR online. Then, I ran across this message at the top of the UCR site,

“2010 UCR registrations are not being accepted. At this time all information to finalize registration is not complete. You will be notified by your base state when it is time to register or you can check back on our website for an update.”

So, I called the DOT to find out what I can do to get my registration complete and off my checklist. I was politely told that they would not be accepting 2010 UCR’s until sometime late January or February. I thought that was a little peculiar since normally the DOT agencies are pretty religious about things being filed and paid on time.

Here is what I have found out since. The FMCSA has proposed doubling the annual UCR fees. I had to look really hard to find the proposed rule changes on the USDOT website. The proposal came out on September 3, 2009 and comments were required by September 18, 2009.

My UCR fee last year was $3840 and it looks like in 2010 it will now be $8373. WOW! The top bracket jumps from $37,500 to $82,983 in fees.

Thanks for the notice Mr. LaHood.

What’s next?


Down the Road – Mike


Party Like It’s 1999

Just a quick reminder this Christmas Holiday Season. Office Christmas party, neighborhood party, family party, small group party, best friends party, local hang-out party and “Party Like it’s 1999” (or 2009) if you want, BUT

PLEASE do not Drink and Drive.

Merry Christmas. Down the Road – Mike

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