Texting While Driving – Just Don’t Do It

Earlier I posted a short blurb… Driving is the most “routine” dangerous thing most of us ever do. It deserves your full attention.

Did that impact your thinking in any way?

Today is the I am posting a couple of video links that show the dangers of distracted driving. It would be dangerously wrong to fixate on cell phones and other electronic devices as the only source of distractions. Eating food, disruptive passengers, fatigue, highly emotional conversations, road rage, etc… are all distractions that take us away from the business of driving.

However, texting by teens and others seems to be gaining more and more popularity, some individuals texting thousands of hours in a month. One study indicates that texting puts a driver in the same distracted mode as a drunk driver with .08 alcohol concentration.

We should all make every reasonable effort to eliminate or at least minimize all sources of distraction while we are driving.
Here is why:
This story is about how an “All American Kid”, Reggie Shaw, took the lives of two while using his cell phone. (15:12)
A Fox News article about a public service announcement that was prepared for and shown to UK high school students about the dangers of distracted driving. (Warning: very graphic content) (4:16)

If you know of anyone who texts or gets destrated easliy while driving please pass on these videos.

Down the Road – Mike


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